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Dish brush wood

Dish brush wood

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This dish brush is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for cleaning dishes in your home. Made from natural materials, the brush features a sturdy beech wood handle and gentle Tampico vegetable fiber bristles that are strong enough to scrub away dirt and grime, yet gentle enough to avoid scratching delicate dishes.

The brush can be easily replaced by removing the bristles, allowing you to dispose of the used bristles in a compost bin, and keeping the handle for future use.

To maintain the dish brush and ensure its longevity, it is recommended that you allow it to dry after each use, and avoid soaking it in water. Boiling the brush for a few minutes from time to time will also help to disinfect it, keeping it hygienic for future use.

With its 40mm wooden handle and 70mm bristle diameter, this dish brush is the perfect size for everyday hand washing and cleaning tasks in the kitchen.



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