Why choose Soypa handmade soaps?

Why choose Soypa handmade soaps?

Humans have been making soaps for centuries for washing and cleaning, while during the Roman era they started using soaps for body washing. In the 20th century, with the invention of detergents, soaps had been gradually replaced  with various new products from laundry detergents to body wash. But the craftsmanship of handmade soaps still remains with numerous small businesses worldwide producing artisan soaps with beautiful designs and high-quality ingredients.
Soypa is one of them. 

So what makes our handmade soaps special? Besides the fact that they smell amazing, there are several other qualities of Soypa soaps

1. Ingredients

Carrier oils and their ratios in soap determine the quality of the final product. Each of the selected oils has several skin-nourishing properties with retained significant levels of unsaponified fatty acids, phenolic compounds, and antioxidant activities in the final products. Our formula of a carefully selected mix of plant-based oils is balanced to get cleansing and foamy, and yet conditioning soaps. 

Also, handmade soaps contain glycerin, a moisturizing chemical that not only hydrates the skin but provides protection against skin irritants. Soypa soaps have around 7% glycerin. However, in large-scale industrial soap production, glycerin is often extracted from the soaps to be sold as a separate product. 

Seawater has been know to provide many therapeutic benefits for the skin, such as treating eczema outbreaks and psoriasis, cleaning the skin from toxins, and making skin smooth and radiant. Soypa uses dissolved sea salt rich in minerals to get those benefits in the soaps. 

There are no synthetic fragrances in Soypa soaps, we only use high-quality essential oils.

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2. Soap making technique 

To make Soypa soaps, we use the cold process soap-making technique in which saponification is induced by mixing lye solution with oils. There are several advantages of this technique.

The first one is control of the ingredients that go into the soaps, where we can modify the soap quality by choosing the correct oils.

The second one is a beautiful design. The cold process enables various soap designs by combining different pigments herbs, using tools and different thicknesses of soap batter. Making the soap design is the most time-consuming part of Soypa soaps. Some take over an hour to finish, without including preparation, mixing the ingredients, and cleaning afterward. Not to mention hours of learning and practising all the design techniques. 

Third one, cold process soaps always have an extra amount of oils that do not saponify, firstly for safety reasons due to lye use and secondly for skin nourishment previously mentioned in the section on the ingredients. 

Lastly, the cold process soaps have to cure for at least 4 weeks, not only to become harder but to improve overall soap quality. So patience is more than necessary in handmade soap world to get the wanted final results.


3. Lower environmental impact

Hard soap bars are known to have a lower negative impact on the environment than their liquid varieties. 

Soypa soaps use minimum energy and water in the production phase, have significantly lower GHG emissions, and lower impact on water pollution. And don't forget plastic-free, recycled paper packaging and certified organic ingredients. We make our own recycled paper with flower seeds for thank you notes which you can plant to make flying insects happy!

Each of the soapboxes has an environmental fact written to make our customers aware of some of the main environmental concerns on our planet.

Also, when packing your orders, we reuse the majority of the received packaging and use stickers and tapes without harmful chemicals


4. Unique product 

With all the above combined, you get a unique artisanal product that is good for your skin, does minimum harm to the environment, and looks and smells unforgettable. Moreover, even though the soap-making process is always the same, none of the soaps looks identical making every single bar special. Treat yourself or give our products as a gift to your very important person.



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