About Soypa

The name Soypa was created accidentally, as my sister wrongly memorized that it means soap in Icelandic (Sápa), not knowing that she became Soypa's godmother.

Who is behind Soypa?

My name is Anđela, creator of the Soypa project. In 2019, while living in Reykjavik, Iceland, I was inspired to combine my passion for geology and sustainable living to create a line of soaps that pay homage to the beauty of the natural world.

I was always fascinated by geology, which is reflected in the unique designs of my Icelandic Collection. But it was my move to Iceland and education in sustainable development that truly opened my eyes to the importance of protecting our planet. I was inspired by the stunning scenery of Iceland and the power of the sea, which is why I use sea salt in all of my soaps as a symbol of my respect for the oceans.

As a crazy plant lady, animal lover, and dog owner, I am passionate about promoting sustainable living. Through my work, I want to send a message that it is important to protect our planet and to reduce waste. Join me on this journey to a more sustainable future!

How it all started?

The education in the Environment and Natural Resources program at the University of Iceland opened my eyes to the significant impact of our consumption and personal choices on the environment and humanity. With a goal to reduce environmental impact and channel creative energy, I started making my own soap.

After using other soaps for some time, I yearned for more control over the ingredients and greater choice, leading me to create my first soap. Also, with having a sensitive skin it was difficult to find suitable products.

From there, soap making became a beloved hobby for over a year before I decided to turn it into a business venture, as I simply couldn't stop creating new soap recipes. Due to life changes, Soypa has since become a Dutch company based in Den Haag.

Mission, vision and core values

The mission of the company is to encourage people to shift towards sustainable lifestyle. 
Soypa's vision is to be an inspiration for change.


Soypa soaps include the plant-based ingredients, the design, and the story behind each product. The formula is based on:

  • 7 plant oils  
    (coconut, olive, sweet almond, apricot, sunflower, castor oil, shea butter)
  • Icelandic sea salt from Westfjords
  • mineral and plant-based pigments (kaolin and Moroccan clays, natural indigo powder, ethically sourced mica)
  • a mix of 3 different essential oils in each soap

    The collections

    The first collection inspired by Iceland contains six soaps reflecting some of the Icelandic locations or features in the design and scents, where the whole soap-making story started. Moreover, all soaps contain salt harvested from the furthest part of Iceland - the Westfjords.


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