About Soypa

The name Soypa was created accidentally, as my sister wrongly memorized that it means soap in Icelandic (Sápa), not knowing that she became Soypa's godmother.

Who is behind Soypa?

My name is Anđela (Croatian version of Angela) and I started the Soypa project in 2019 while living in Reykjavik.
Since I was a kid, geology always fascinated me, resulting in my graduation and job as a mining engineer where I applied geological knowledge daily. After four years, I decided to move to Iceland and continuing my education in sustainable development. And it was the best decision in my life!
Not to mention that Iceland is a heaven for geology lovers with its unique, out-of-this-world scenery, so designs for the Icelandic collection just came naturally.

Besides geology, I love the beautiful design, art, and creating my things which I tried to reflect in my work by paying a lot of attention to the details of each product. Sea, being the main force of our planet, has been my great inspiration and sanctuary, so using sea salt in all my soaps is a homage to "le grande blue". Unfortunately, many negative things are destroying our oceans and through my work, I want to send a message that we need to do something to stop it.

I am also a crazy plant lady, animal lover, dog owner, bookworm, music fan, and many more. Join me on this journey of shifting towards sustainable living!

How it all started?

Studying in the Environment and Natural Resources program at the University of Iceland raised my awareness of how our consumption and personal choices can have a big impact on the environment and people. The idea of making my soap came out from the desire to reduce my environmental footprint, and the need to express my creativity.
After buying soaps for a while, I wanted to have control of the ingredients and have more choices, thus I made my first soap. Soap making was my hobby for more than a year when I decided to start the business, as only reasonable decision when you can't stop making new soaps. Due to different life circumstances, Soypa became a Dutch company, and is now located in Den Haag..

Mission, vision and core values

The mission of the company is to encourage people to shift towards sustainable lifestyle. 
Soypa's vision is to be an inspiration for change.


Soypa soaps include the plant-based ingredients, the design, and the story behind each product. The formula is based on:

  • 7 plant oils  
    (coconut, olive, sweet almond, apricot, sunflower, castor oil, shea butter)
  • Icelandic sea salt from Westfjords
  • mineral and plant-based pigments (kaolin and Moroccan clays, natural indigo powder, ethically sourced mica)
  • a mix of 3 different essential oils in each soap

    The collections

    The first collection inspired by Iceland contains six soaps reflecting some of the Icelandic locations or features in the design and scents, where the whole soap-making story started. Moreover, all soaps contain salt harvested from the furthest part of Iceland - the Westfjords.


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