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Degreasy dish washing soap bar

Degreasy dish washing soap bar

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Degreasy is an unscented and biodegradable multipurpose soap that is strong for dirt, yet safe for the environment due to the cleansing properties of coconut oil salts (EWG). Low-toxic formula with organic, plant-based ingredients offers a sustainable cleaning solution for your household in just one product. This soap offers a zero-waste alternative to traditional cleaning products due to its low environmental impact and plastic-free packaging. The best use is for dishwashing, but it can also be used for any surface and floor cleaning. 

How to use Degreasy multipurpose soap bar:

Apply a small amount of soap on a sponge or a brush, and after use rinse the foam well. For heavy stains combine it with a metal or coconut scrubber.
In the case of floor cleaning, dilute a small amount of soap in lukewarm water. Likewise, use the same procedure to make a universal cleaning spray with approximately 1 tsp of grated soap in 300ml of water. 
Finely grated soap can also be used for laundry washing. 

Made in the Netherlands. 
Always keep the soap in a dry place after use.
This soap bar is formulated only for cleaning, do not use it for hand or body washing, as it may cause skin or eye irritation.


Sodium Cocoate*, glycerine (naturally occurring)
*EU organic/NL-BIO-01


All Degreasy soaps are plastic-free, plant-based, and handmade making every soap bar unique varying in design and weight. The recycled paper packaging of each soap has an environmental fact written related to the soap theme.
Degreasy soap is not tested on animals nor contains any animal-origin ingredients. All Soypa soaps comply with the EU Directive on cosmetic products and were assessed according to the EU regulations by the certified chemist.

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