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What is wrong with plastics?

Plastic materials are so integrated into our everyday life that sometimes is hard to find plastic-free alternatives. Once praised for its durable and indestructible properties, plastic came back to our ecosystems as a boomerang. Plastic pollution is everywhere - in the deepest oceans, soils, animals, and remote places like Antarctica and Mount Everest!  But besides the visible impacts of discarded products, there are several other problems related to plastics. So let's discuss some of them in more detail. Garbage in the Himalayas.Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash   1. Microplastics   Microplastics are tiny plastic particles smaller than 5mm in diameter whose sources can be various, from synthetic fibers, plastic packaging to tires. Since these fragments are so small, they can easily circulate...

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About Soypa

About Soypa is a micro company located in the Netherlands dedicated to the production of high-quality artisan soaps using a thousand-year-old technique called the cold process. Besides the eye-catching soap design, the main emphasis is on using plant-based ingredients and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. The first collection is inspired by Iceland, where the whole soap-making story started. The name Soypa was created accidentally, as my sister wrongly memorized that it means soap in Icelandic (Sápa), not knowing that she became Soypa's godmother. Who is behind Soypa? My name is Anđela (Croatian version of Angela) and I started the Soypa project in 2019 while living in Reykjavik.Since I was a kid, geology always fascinated me, resulting in my graduation and job as...

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