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Why choose Soypa handmade soaps?

So what makes our handmade soaps special? Besides the fact that they smell amazing, there are several other qualities of Soypa soaps: 1. Ingredients 2.Soap making technique  3.Lower environmental impact 4.Unique product

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Icelandic collection

Soypa's Icelandic collection has six handmade soaps inspired by some of the most spectacular places and features in Iceland. All soaps contain dissolved Icelandic sea salt from the Westfjords, one of the most remote parts of the country, to imitate sea water in producing so called brine soaps. The collection was developed for over six months of testing the designs and ingredients, where unique Icelandic geology and landscapes were my main motivation.  Five soaps are named after locations around Iceland, while one is named after one of the most famous Icelandic products - wool sweater. 

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Cold process soap making

The cold process soap-making technique is known for thousands of years. The name soap comes from Latin sapo, and the chemical reaction of soap making is called saponification.  Saponification is a reaction between hot alkali solution, usually sodium hydroxide, and fatty acids from oils or natural fats resulting in fatty acid salts and by-product glycerin. Glycerin is a non-toxic, natural humectant that keeps the skin hydrated and soft.  Cold process soap making does not use any additional external heating to speed up the saponification, unlike the hot process. The saponification in CP usually occurs within the first 48h. The reason why cold process soaps have a curing time of at least several weeks is that water evaporates from the soap making it harder,...

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