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Soap Saver wool handmade

Soap Saver wool handmade

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Handmade from Icelandic Lopi wool, these biodegradable and compostable soap savers are a perfect plastic-free alternative for gentle exfoliation instead of a body sponge. A nice lather is produced with less product used by rubbing the soap bar in the soap saver between your hands during the shower.

How to use a soap saver?

Put your favorite soap inside, add water, and lather up! It is crucial to hang it after each use to dry to prevent the soggy soap. Soap saver can be opened and reused again several times, after which can be safely disposed of as compost making it the perfect option for the zero-waste bathroom. The combination of water and soap will cause the wool felting, but that is a natural process and felted wool is actually produced that way. 

Quantities of soap savers will be limited due to the time-consuming process of knitting but will be regularly updated. Please send an email to for pre-order before purchase to see if this service is available.

Made in the Netherlands. 



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