Gift box - Plastic-free cleaning set
Gift box - Plastic-free cleaning set

Gift box - Plastic-free cleaning set

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This plastic-free cleaning set contains everything you need for your low-waste household:

  • Degreasy S multipurpose cleaning soap
  • Handmade jute cloth
  • Wooden dish brush

Cleaning soap is unscented and biodegradable, with a low-toxic formula of coconut oil.  It is unscented on purpose to minimize the negative impact of the fragrances on the environment. This soap is strong for dirt, yet safe for the environment.

You can wash dishes, clean the kitchen, bathroom, and any other surfaces, floors, windows, make a multipurpose cleaning spray, add grated soap to the laundry and wash your fruit and veggies. The possibilities are countless.

Jute cloth is biodegradable and recyclable, handmade from strong, durable jute fibers. It is also a multipurpose product with which you can wipe any surface, but particularly good for cleaning items like pans and pots without any scratches. Jute is cultivated without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, grows fast, is recyclable and compostable, and has a negative carbon footprint.  

Always wash the cloth after use in warm water with gentle soap and hang to dry. To disinfect the cloth place it in boiled water with a tablespoon of vinegar for 5 minutes, and rinse, or wash it in a washing machine at 40°C or in a dishwasher.  

A wooden dish brush made of wood and natural fibers is gentle for the dishes without leaving scratches. Perfect for everyday hand dishwashing and cleaning. The head can be replaced and safely disposed of in compost. 

Let it dry after each use, do not soak in water, and occasionally boil for a few minutes to disinfect the brush.

The products are packed in a recycled cardboard box filled with reused paper material and decorated with dried lemon/mandarine which can be reused as a Christmas decoration. 

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