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Plastic-free Cleaning box

Plastic-free Cleaning box

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Soypa Cleaning Box contains essential items to kick-start your sustainable cleaning journey. 

Each box comes with:

Cleaning box recipes & application:

Rub a brush directly over soap and apply to dishes. Scrub with a brush and rinse well. 
Tip: for cleaning oven combine Degreasy with a metal sponge. 
Universal Cleaning Solution
Add 20g (4 tsp) of grated Degreasy soap to 500ml boiling water. Mix well until dissolved. Once cooled down, pour the cleaning solution in the glass bottle. 
Use it for cleaning any house surfaces including floors and windows.
Tip: to add scent, dissolve a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a rubbing alcohol (10 ml) and add to the universal cleaning solution. 
Plant Pest Treatment
Spray the cleaning solution on the infected plant and leave it for one hour. Wipe the plant with a clean, wet cloth. Avoid sunlight when treating your plants. 
Tip: add a few drops of dissolved peppermint essential oil in alcohol for stronger effect. 



Wood, cellulose, glass


Natural materials, compostable and plastic-free

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Made of natural ingridients and plastic-free

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